Our overall purpose as we work through each step of the WASC process is to honestly assess Linfield’s progress toward achieving its unique vision, mission, and student learning goals as a Christian college preparatory school.


The vision of Linfield Christian School is to be the standard of excellence in Christ-centered college preparatory education.

Mission and Purpose

Linfield Christian School is an independent college preparatory school that exists to challenge boys and girls and young men and women:

  • To know Jesus Christ as Lord
  • To love others as themselves
  • To grow in knowledge and skill

In order that they may serve the Lord and the world through their character and leadership.

Student Learning Outcomes

In a Christ-centered college preparatory environment, Linfield Christian School students will:

  1. Articulate fundamentals of the Christian faith and apply biblical principles in daily life
  2. Apply critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and proficiency in all academic disciplines
  3. Display effective skills of communication and demonstrate creative expression
  4. Model good character through personal discipline and respect for others
  5. Contribute time, energy, and talent to positively impact our culture, community, and world

A Few Reasons Why Linfield Is Special