Annual Fund

Dear Family and Friends,

Will you help us write the next chapter? We are a thread in a larger story, a tapestry designed by a glorious King. Our story was born out of a passion and calling from an amazing woman, Mabel Culter, who saw a need to open a Christian school offering the best education at the highest standards. This story has continued for 75 incredible years. Anyone who ever called Linfield or Culter home has a story all their own. I was so touched a few weeks ago when I received an email from alum, who shared with me what Linfield meant to him. Please allow me to share a portion with you. Between the lines and woven into the words are common threads –life changing opportunities and eternal relationships. We hope your memories, or passion for excellence will inspire you to read on.

When I arrived at Linfield in 1978, I was lost in the eyes of God. I had not accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior yet. I didn’t know much about the word of God, the blessings that were to come and the lifelong friends I would soon meet. In just four short years, Linfield became the center of my universe. Linfield gave me a core set of Christian values and beliefs through nurturing and a little tough love, which I needed.

My family had no money, so I cut lawns, washed dishes, trimmed trees and worked my way through school. At one point, my home life fell apart and I actually lived with one of the faculty for awhile. I rode my bike just about every day, 12 miles each way, just so I could be at school. I thirsted for God’s knowledge given by talented and caring instructors. I praised Him when God opened up doors and nurtured my writing talents which allowed me to combine my love of sports and set me in a career in sports marketing. I have generated millions of dollars since I departed Linfield, and every day I am reminded that I would not be where I am today without Linfield and their dedicated faculty.

The lifelong friends I have made and kept in touch with remind me that God works wonders in our lives if we let him. If students will allow Linfield into their hearts and minds, trust me, the blessings in life will be more than you could ever imagine. I know this because as a freshman I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and lived and loved every minute of my four years that I had at Linfield.

There is a great verse in the Old Testament that says, “The grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever”. Isaiah 40:8. The same could be said for Linfield. “The students come and go, the faculty move on, but God’s work in Linfield will go on as it has for 75 years.” If only Mabel Culter could see how that little tiny piece of land at the end of Pauba Road turned out, she’d be thrilled.”

-Micah Fuller, Class of 1981 Senior Vice President of Sales Urban Sports Group.

Our vision is to be the standard of excellence in Christ-centered college preparatory education. Our students are soaring to new and exciting heights:

  • ● 100% of our students are prepared for college
  • ●100% of our middle school students participate in outreach
  • ● Test scores exceeding national rankings
  • ● 197 students attending Linfield due to the generosity of donors
  • ● Award winning fine arts program
  • ● 100% state credentialed elementary classroom teachers
  • ● 100% of our AP calculus BC students scored a 5 (highest score) on the AP exam
  • Our students are afforded these opportunities through the gracious giving of people like you. As a school family our goal is to bring $100,000 to the Annual Fund through 100% giving participation of our friends and family. You may designate your gift to academics, athletics, financial aid, fine arts, greatest need, student ministries, or technology.

    It is true students will come and go, faculty will move on, but God’s work will go on at Linfield. We are proud to continue the story that began in 1936.Countless lives have been and will continue to be changed. There are so many more success stories to be written.

    Will you help write the next chapter?

    Tammy M. Whitfield
    Director of The Linfield Foundation/Alumni Relations