DC-FullRoots and Vines.

I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to work, lead, and serve at an institution with a remarkable legacy. For over 80 years the mission and values of Linfield Christian School have remained steadfast, and thousands of students have been challenged, inspired, and equipped, not only for college but for life, learning to live courageously and faithfully as Christians. I am proud of this heritage and grateful for the deep roots that have allowed our school to grow strong and tall.

The strength of these deep downward roots can now support thriving upward vines, and it is my goal to lead in such a way that allows Linfield to maintain a firm grip on the school’s legacy and mission while simultaneously encouraging elasticity and innovation in our quest to prepare Christian leaders for the 21st century.  We must strive to remain grounded as we stretch into the future.

Our aim is to graduate intelligent, articulate, and confident young men and women whose minds are anchored in truth, whose hearts are oriented towards love, and whose lives are marked by knowledge and skill.  It is both an honor and a pleasure to serve alongside a team of Christian educators who are deeply committed to this mission.  Truly, this is an extraordinary place filled with remarkable people.

I am grateful that Linfield Christian School is in the hands of the one who cultivates life in all things, Jesus Christ.  May we grow under His care, flourish under His touch, and bloom for His glory.
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