The most important advancement initiative for Linfield is THE PRIDE.

The purpose of this fund is to provide financial aid to mission-fit students, students who will thrive at Linfield Christian School but who cannot afford full tuition. Without students, Linfield’s mission is meaningless, which is why THE PRIDE is a primary focus of our 2020 Development efforts.

 100% of every dollar donated to THE PRIDE will be awarded back to students in one of three ways:

Tuition Assistance

Need-based financial aid program for grades Jr.K-12

Lions Heart Fund

Merit-based financial aid program for grades 6-12

Benevolence Fund

Support for Linfield families (Jr.K-12)
who suffer a catastrophic loss

 Making a gift to THE PRIDE supports families and allows students, scholars, athletes, artists, leaders, musicians, and friends to benefit from and enrich the Linfield community. These families stretch their budgets to do their part, and we want to do our part to close the gap.