Thank you for your interest in Linfield Christian School. This page includes information and the required forms to assist you in submitting an application for admission. Specific instructions for these forms and for other aspects of the admission process are outlined below. Please refer to the supplemental admission procedures for international students, available online or by request.

Priority Admission for 2018-2019 Opens November 1, 2017


Applications must be submitted online through MyBackpack along with a non-refundable $75 application fee. Applications are accepted beginning on November 1, prior to the year of desired entrance. Openings may be limited, and the priority application deadline is February 15, but applications will continue to be accepted after that date. Students may be admitted during the school year if openings are available. Class placement is pending available space and is not confirmed until an applicant completes the admission and enrollment procedures and the school receives the $275 registration fee.


Parents and/or guardians must provide an applicant’s grade report, high school transcript (if applicable), previous year’s standardized test results, and the following references:

From a current teacher, school administrator, or counselor

From a friend, pastor, coach or other adult who knows the student well

From the student’s current English teacher


All parents and students are invited and encouraged to call the Admissions Office and schedule a tour of the campus and observe a class in progress.

Click here to schedule a campus tour.


Applicants for admission for first through twelfth grades are required to take an entrance exam. A developmental evaluation will be performed for all Kindergarten applicants. All entrance tests and developmental evaluations will be performed at Linfield Christian School by scheduled appointment. A completed application, report cards/transcripts, and references must be received by Linfield Christian before the testing date appointment.


A personal interview may be requested with the applicant and the applicant’s parent or guardian. Appointments will be arranged by the principal after the application and other required forms have been received and testing has been completed.


Applicants will be notified as soon as possible after completion of the foregoing steps regarding their acceptance and admission to Linfield. After notification of acceptance, parents will be asked to complete the enrollment process and pay a $275 non-refundable registration fee. Parents will also be asked to submit copies of the applicant’s birth certificate and up-to-date immunization record.


Upon completion of the enrollment process and non-refundable $275 registration fee, class placement will be confirmed, or in classes where enrollment openings are limited, applicants may be placed in a wait pool. Class placement may occur from the wait pool but is not guaranteed. Tuition payments are due beginning June 1. Please refer to the Tuition and Fee Schedule for a list of current costs. According to the Enrollment Agreement, all fees are non-refundable, and parents are obligated for payment of the annual tuition regardless of a student’s withdrawal, absence, or dismissal from Linfield Christian School for any reason.


Thank you for choosing Linfield Christian School for your child(ren)! We look forward to having your family be a part of the Linfield community. When openings in classes are limited, the school establishes a wait pool. As class openings become available throughout the school year and summer, class placement will occur from the wait pool. There is no guarantee of class placement from the wait pool. Please read the following important information that explains the process and policies.

Wait Pool Policies