Founded in 1936 by Dr. Mabel Culter as Culter Academy, Linfield Christian School has existed through depressions and recessions, wars, cultural shifts, and technological advances, and yet, while the world may have altered dramatically, the school’s unique spirit remains unchanged.

In particular, there are three immutable core values that have both defined and directed Linfield for generations: a relational Community in which every member is known and loved, a commitment to College Preparatory Academics, and a Christ-centered worldview that prioritizes authentic faith in Christ and provides the foundation for all aspects of the learning environment.


Working & celebrating together in close-knit community

Since we have been created in the image of a relational God, the experience of living in community and sharing with others is essential. Our culture intentionally promotes respect, kindness, fun, and celebration, and our students flourish in a close-knit community, enjoying authentic friendships with their peers and encouraging mentor relationships with their teachers and coaches.


The question is not IF you are going to college; it’s WHERE.

The college experience is foundational in the making of 21st century leaders. So we aim to develop in students the skills, habits, knowledge, character, and mindset that will allow them to thrive throughout their academic journey. Since 99% of our students go on to the next level, at Linfield the question is not IF you are going to college; it’s WHERE.


Serving the Lord & world through character & leadership

Our leadership and staff is committed to placing Jesus Christ at the center of their lives and work, and our ultimate goal is to help students develop a relationship with God that will transform their hearts and minds and inspire them to a life of serving Him and others through their character and leadership.

Interested in Linfield?

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