Integral Part of Each Student’s Life

At Linfield Elementary School we believe that physical fitness is an integral part of each student’s life. Our physical education program is designed to ensure that all students are given the best opportunity to learn basic team sports skills and individual activities of conditioning, developing, and maintaining physical fitness. To work towards this goal, effective and challenging activities that develop high levels of cardio-respiratory functions, musculoskeletal strength, and endurance are included on a regular basis. Periodic testing, starting in first grade, helps students to be aware of their body and its potential. Linfield Elementary also offers a variety of athletic programs including Running Club, Sports Camps, and The President’s Physical Fitness Challenge.

Get Running

Running Club is an opportunity for kindergarten through fifth grade students to exercise in a fun and rewarding way. It is held every weekday morning from 7:30 a.m.-7:55 a.m., and each student has from October to May to complete at least 100 laps around the Elementary School Track.  If they do, they qualify for the club pizza party at the end of the year, a celebration which congratulates all of the runners on their amazing commitment and lengthy dedication. Students are also rewarded with exciting prizes such as Running Club T-shirts, pins, and baseball caps at 100 lap intervals.

Seasonal Sports Camps

Seasonal Sports Camps are hosted by High School varsity athletes and coaches and are offered to Elementary School students in grades K-5. Each camp teaches the fundamentals of the chosen sport through drills, games, and competitions, and it helps students gain confidence and discipline in athletics. These camps also promote school spirit, create unity, and provide cross-campus fellowship.

Seasonally Offered Sports Camps Include:

Cheer (Football), Football, Basketball, Cheer (Basketball), Soccer, Lacrosse, Softball/Baseball, Track & Field

Specialized Teachers

Physical Education is taught by a specialized teacher to each class from two to three days a week. Our program offers activities that aid each child’s progression in motor and skill development. Individual and team sports are introduced at appropriate grade levels as well as physical fitness.

One way we encourage students to improve their fitness level is through The President’s Physical Fitness Challenge. This challenge motivates all students to make being active a part of their everyday lives. Success-oriented “stations” are designed for students to work separately with their teacher or in small groups on self-paced movement activities.

Good sportsmanship is always emphasized.

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