Linfield Christian School has developed a curriculum using a developmental approach with a strong academic emphasis. Resources have been chosen to help children learn skills, concepts, strategies, and content which lay the foundation for becoming independent lifelong learners.


Linfield Christian School is a non-denominational, independent Christian school. There is a natural integration of Biblical principles into the total program. The Bible curriculum leads students to a knowledge of Scripture and an understanding of how they fit into God’s plan. Verse and passage memorization are woven into the curriculum, and children attend chapel every week. Textbook: Bible (ACSI)


Math concepts are taught through the use of a hands-on manipulative approach and with a strong focus on skill building, problem solving, and concepts mastery for every level of learning.  Practice for every day mathematics and test-taking success is incorporated into our math program. Textbook:  Envision (Pearson)

Language Arts

Transitional Kindergartners and Kindergartners are introduced to reading readiness skills through phonics-based curriculum. Informal reading begins towards the end of the first semester with formal reading beginning in first grade. A strong emphasis is placed on literature at all grade levels. Creative and formal writing are an important component of our program. Vocabulary development, comprehension skills, problem solving, and critical thinking are emphasized. Formal testing on spelling words begins in first grade. Textbook: Reading Street (Pearson)


Our main goal when teaching science is to show students how God’s creation reveals the creator God. Hands-on opportunities are implemented to help students apply the scientific method of discovery.  Textbook:   Mystery Science 

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) is taught through interdisciplinary modules that bring learning to real life. The program encourages students thinking through interactive activities, projects, and real world problems. Students engage in hands-on activities in computer science and engineering, using creativity to become more collaborative problem solvers. They also work on foundational computer skills, focusing on typing and Office 365.  Curriculum:   Project Lead the Way, STMath (Mind Research Institute)


History includes learning about home, school, communities, California, and the United States. There is also an emphasis on learning geography, map, and globe skills. Students learn about the world in which they live and how God works in the lives of people, past and present. Textbook: Studies Weekly

Fine Arts

Students in grades Kindergarten through five are taught Performing Arts by a specialized teacher from two to three times each week. Teaching focuses on the artistic mediums of music, drama, and movement. Students also participate in Christmas and Spring performances. Every month an Art Appreciation teacher spotlights a well-known artist.

Foreign Language

Spanish is taught twice a week in all Elementary School classes. A specialized teacher exposes the children to oral use of the language, reading, and writing skills, depending on the grade level. A textbook is used in grades 3, 4 and 5. Textbook: Viva el Español! (National Textbook Company)

Physical Education

Physical education is taught by a specialized teacher to each class from two to three days a week. Our program offers activities that aid each child’s progression in motor and skill development. Physical fitness as well as individual and team sports are introduced at appropriate grade levels. Good sportsmanship is emphasized.

Library / Computers

The Elementary School employs a specialized technology instructor to teach computer and technology literacy. Each grade works twice weekly with the technology teacher as they learn and grow their skills in a variety of topics and lessons relevant to 21st century digital literacy.

Each classroom has four student computers and a printer; in addition, fourth and fifth grades have class sets of iPads.

Computers are used to enrich curriculum subject areas, including skills to help with the writing process. Computers are also used with a web-based software program called Accelerated Reader Enterprise to help motivate and challenge students in reading.

Field Trips

Numerous field trips are planned for each grade level during the school year with students enjoying a variety of experiences outside the classroom, visiting places such as science and historical museums and enjoying performing arts productions.

Some highlights: Fourth graders culminate their California history study with a two-day/one night trip to Sacramento. This “super” field trip takes place toward the end of the school year. Fifth graders enjoy a leadership camp by spending three days and two nights bonding and connecting with one another at the start of the year; the goal is that they will learn how to be leaders on campus and model for the other students what it looks like to be a united body of Christ.

Special Activities

Special activities that enhance our curriculum include:

  • Weekly Chapel with Guest Speakers
  • Lion Pride Awards
  • Accelerated Reader Program
  • STEAM Night
  • Harvest Feasts
  • Polar Express
  • Gingerbread Houses
  • Lions Academy
  • Cheer Camp
  • End of the Year Field Day
  • Book Fairs
  • Special Dress Days
  • Literacy Night

Several educational on-site learning experiences are also scheduled during the year, including Move Up Day, an American Revolutionary War Reenactment, and motivational and safety assemblies.

In addition to sponsoring a child through World Vision, other Christian service projects include selecting and wrapping Christmas gifts for children in special circumstances through Samaritan’s Purse and writing letters of encouragement to our deployed U.S. military personnel. All students perform in our Christian-themed Christmas and Spring musical presentations for the school family and public audience.

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