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Linfield Christian Online is committed to promoting 21st Century skills for students as they integrate academic content. The use of online learning is twofold at Linfield: 1) enrichment for students who have completed their minimum core academic requirements and 2) remediation for students who have not met the minimum admissions requirements for the California public university systems. These courses are offered above and beyond the Linfield curriculum for a cost ranging from $475-$595 per semester course.


The vision of LCO is to provide 21st Century opportunities that support academic enrichment and seek to challenge students in critical thinking, preparing them for success in a collegiate setting.

Online Courses

What We Offer

LCO provides courses that run year-round in either individually paced or 8-16 week sessions. Courses include those that come from a provider or are taught by a Linfield faculty member, and are included on the student’s transcript and factored into the GPA.

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Required for all Freshmen


Health is now taught online and is a requirement for all entering Freshmen. It is part of the tuition, and students must complete the one semester course prior to entering sophomore year. Linfield’s purpose in offering Health online is three-fold: 1) assure continuity across the curriculum with content, 2) promote 21st century skills, and 3) provide online experience for students in preparation for college.

Linfield offers five 9-week sessions: two summer, one fall, and two spring.

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How Do I Know if Online is a Good Fit for Me?

It is important that students and parents consider the following factors when deciding to take an online class:

  • The online class environment promotes independent learning and will require students to be self-motivated and mature as they will be responsible for their progress.
  • While the format of the online classes is non-traditional and flexible, students should expect to be challenged and have nightly and/or weekly homework, tests, projects, or papers. In order to be successful, students must be disciplined to follow the designed scope and sequence of the course.
  • Some courses are provided by a partner institution, and each partnering institution has policies and procedures for the completion of online work, grading, tests, late work, and other educational practices; these do not necessarily follow the same policies and procedures as Linfield Christian High School. Therefore, parents and students need to understand and agree to follow the institutions’ designed curriculum and policies.
  • Regarding non-Linfield courses: While LCO will facilitate enrollment into these courses and will recognize this coursework on a student’s transcript, students and parents will primarily be dealing with the online instructor and partnering institution. It is critical to understand the expectations for communication and also realize that online education is different from a traditional classroom experience. The majority of communication will occur electronically, so students and parents need to understand and follow the procedures designed by the partnering institution to insure success.
  • For courses that are owned and/or taught by Linfield and its faculty, the Linfield Parent/Student Handbook policies apply. Students have some face-to-face access with faculty; however, course content is delivered online, and it is equivalent in expectations and rigor to the on-campus alternative.
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First Steps and Enrollment

The first step in enrolling in an online class is to meet with the College Counselor assigned to you. Once the online class is integrated into the four-year plan and is approved, a link will be provided for registration and payment. After the registration information is received, you will be contacted by the student advisor to set up the class.

NOTE: Health class is the only exception.  To register for health, click the button below.

Please Note: If you enroll in the class and decide to drop within two weeks of the course start date, you will receive a full refund (except for the $60 enrollment fee). However, if you drop the course after two weeks, no refunds will be available.

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Contact Information

Online Program Coordinator – Ryan McKenzie

Student Registrar/Advisor – Nick Ortega

College Counselors
Erica Shen –
Erin Watson –

2021-2022 DATES

Health Sessions

Linfield Faculty: Joanna Ricketts

2021-2022 Health Sessions

NOTE: Incoming 9th grade students need to sign up for one of the below sessions.

Session 1 – July 5-Sept. 3, 2021
Session 2 – July 5-Sept. 3, 2021
Session 3 – Sept. 13-Nov. 12, 2021
Session 4* – January 10-March 8, 2022
Session 5* – March 21-May 27, 2022

*Session 4 and 5 include an extra week to take off for Winter Mountain and Easter.

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World History and Honors World History

Linfield Faculty: Ryan McKenzie

Semester 1 – June 21-August 29, 2021
Semester 2 – September 6-December 19, 2021

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Summer Remediation

June 21- August 29, 2021

*Please see your college counselor before signing up for summer remediation.

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