The Linfield Engineering Academy is a four year high school program that partners with Project Lead the Way to prepare students for college level engineering programs through academic courses, real world experience and a final capstone project.

Students will earn an Engineering Academy Endorsement upon successful completion of the Engineering Academy program requirements. This endorsement will announce that the student has accomplished a well-rounded and rigorous program in Engineering, and students will be formally recognized for their achievements by a notation on their transcripts for colleges, an honor cord to be worn at graduation, and a gold stamped medallion on their diploma.


To be eligible for the Linfield Christian Engineering Academy, students must meet the following qualifications and submit an application during the spring semester of their freshman or sophomore year:

Have taken Intro to Engineering Design, Geometry (or higher math), and Biology

Submit your Letter of IntentSubmit Application


  • Submit a Letter of Intent as early as 8th grade year, but no later than sophomore year. Declaration gives students priority enrollment in classes.
  • Submit an Application during the spring semester of freshman or sophomore year. The application process includes the following:
    • application form
    • references
    • interview process
    • 4 Years of Engineering Courses at Linfield
    • Capstone Project 
    • 4 Years of Science 
    • 4 Years of Math (AP Calculus Recommended for senior year)
    • Minimum of 80% in both semesters of Math, Science, and Engineering courses
    • Minimum of 70% in both semesters of all other courses
    • 100 hours of internship – usually between Junior and Senior year
    • 60 hours of community service related to the program
    • 1 Year of engineering competition
    • 2 years of Science National Honor Society
    • 1 year of any two of the following: CSF, Interact, Student Ambassadors, or Link

Being part of an Academy requires a significant investment of time and may interfere with other extracurricular activities (sports, fine arts, etc.). Please speak to your counselor about how the Engineering Academy fits into your four year high school plan. If you have further questions about the academy or questions about specific classes or requirements please contact the program director, Adam Elwer, at

Engineering Academy Requirements Snapshot

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Adam Elwer, Linfield Christian STEAM Director. 

PLTW Courses

  • Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Principles of Engineering
  • 2 Engineering Electives
  • Engineering Capstone
  • Any course completed with less than an 80% will result in Engineering Academy probation.*


  • 4 years of Math (Geometry required to be completed freshman year, AP Calc recommended in senior year)
  • 4 years of Science (AP Physics recommended by junior year)
  • Any course completed with less than an 80% will result in Engineering Academy probation.*

Other Requirements

  • Meet all other Linfield graduation requirements
  • Minimum 60 hours of community service related to engineering
  • Minimum 100 hours of internship
  • Minimum 2-years SNHS member
  • Minimum 2-years other club membership
  • Minimum 1-year competitive engineering team
  • 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA

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