Meredith (Kult) King

Meredith (Kult) King


After graduating from Linfield in 2008, Meredith went to Bob Jones University where she studied Music Education with a focus in Viola and Piano. She taught music in Minnesota for a year and then actually moved back to California to serve as Linfield’s elementary school band and orchestra teacher for four years! She also was blessed with an opportunity to teach high school Bible for a couple years. Meredith’s husband, Tyler, is in the Marine Corps, so she and their three young boys are currently stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Meredith serves on the worship team at Pillar Church of Jacksonville and helps out with members whose spouses are currently deployed overseas. She’s also homeschooling her oldest son and teaching private piano/violin lessons part-time.

She says, “Honestly my days are spent breaking up fights, wiping tears, and sharing the gospel with my tiny humans, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” As she thinks back on her years at Linfield, she recognizes how prepared she was for college and how easy the transition was because she already knew how to study, take notes, and prepare for tests/projects.

Linfield also helped me realize that people serve and worship Christ in different ways, and that’s ok! I grew up in a fundamental Baptist church that was pretty formal for today’s standards (we had to wear skirts, and we sang hymns), and when I started attending Linfield and meeting my classmates, I was introduced to a more contemporary worship style and different beliefs, and that helped me process my own worldview, something that was very helpful in preparing me for service in the church today.

Meredith (Kult) KingLinfield Class of 2008

Meredith came to Linfield as a freshman, and she one particular memory stands out from the rest: “I had only been at Linfield for two months when I competed in my first Great Race event, the ‘cotton-honey face.’ Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like; they covered my face in honey, and someone had to throw cotton balls at my face until five of them stuck and I could run to the next station. But as I was running, I tripped over a whole pile of sandbags and fell to my face, ripping my pants and scraping my face and knees! But someone helped me up and ran with me to the station and then my friends helped me get to the bathroom to get cleaned up, and that was the moment I knew I was at an amazing school. I had come from a school with bullying issues, so I think I expected that to happen, but no one made fun of me, laughed at me, or talked negatively about my epic and embarrassing fall. Instead, there were so many girls who uplifted and encouraged me, and they became my friends for life.”

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