Yash Pandey


A Linfield graduate from the Class of 2013, Yash received his undergraduate degree at Pepperdine University and is currently a second year medical student at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. He and his new wife, Brianna, met at Pepperdine, but God has provided an opportunity for them to both continue their studies in Nebraska; it’s far from home, but they love pursuing their calling together. Yash is grateful for the way in which Linfield prepared him for the academic challenges in college and in med school, and he particularly notes how his teachers instilled in him a passion for science, medicine, but most importantly, for service.

Yash Pandey

My favorite part about Linfield was the friendships I developed. There are so many people there who have poured into my life and still continue to shape me into a better man. I am beyond grateful for my Linfield teachers and my friends who continue to encourage and support me in my spiritual and academic journey.

Yash PandeyLinfield Class of 2013

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