Yummi Liu

Yummi Liu


Yummi graduated from Linfield in 2018, and she is currently a fashion design student at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising). Even though she’s only in her second year of college, she’s already interned for designer Adrianna Sahar, and she is currently working as a stylist at a French Boutique called Cop Copine Paris. She’s quite busy with classes, work, and sewing, but she also serves weekly with the kids team at Hillsong Los Angeles.

As an international student from China, Yummi has a unique perspective, and she remembers LINK (Linfield’s new student orientation) as being one of her favorite events. She says, “It was always so fun to make new friends with all of the new students and to see how excited they were to study at Linfield. It would remind me about when I was new and how excited I was, and it showed me how much I had learned from the school. It was very heart-warming.” Yummi is grateful for all the friends she made at Linfield; they talk frequently, pray for each other, and give each other advice about their struggles. She also is grateful for the fact that she came to know Jesus at Linfield, something that changed her life and her attitude towards others.

Linfield taught me how to be kind and patient to people, just like God is kind and patient with us. I live in downtown Los Angeles where people are often selfish and careless as they focus on their goals. It’s hard to deal with that sometimes, but I’m thankful that I learned about Jesus and that He has made me a much more loving person who can show grace and kindness.

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