All Linfield Christian High School students are required to read a book during the summer.  The book should be completed prior to the first day of school – August 24, 2021. Additionally, there will be a summer assignment that ties into the book that must be completed before the start of school.


While there is no specific assignment, all Linfield Christian Middle School students are strongly encouraged to read 2-3 books over summer to better prepare them for the coming school year. See below for a suggested reading list. 


MS English Summer Reading:
Middle School students are encouraged to choose 2-3 books from the suggested reading list below. This is optional, and there is no required assignment, but we believe that summer reading better prepares students for the upcoming school year!
MS Math Review:


HS English Summer Reading:


*While LCS makes every reasonable effort to accommodate a student’s desired schedule, course conflicts do occasionally occur.  Therefore, please be advised that completion of AP summer work is not a guarantee of enrollment in the course in the Fall if there is a scheduling conflict. 

*Please Note: Deadlines for AP assignments do vary, so check everything carefully!

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