Cultivating Academic Enthusiasm

Our hands-on learning immerses kindergartners in a space where it’s fun to learn with their friends. It also helps to build the skills that will open academic doors as they grow into the college-prep curriculum at Linfield Christian School.

For example, games with JiJi the Penguin, a part of our ST Math curriculum, are teaching children the deep, conceptual skills that will allow them to take on coding in K-5 STEAM classes. Acting out stories in kindergarten leads to a more insightful understanding and analysis of literature in later grades. Every activity and lesson is designed to help children approach academics with joy and wonder.

Our kindergarten and elementary curriculum includes:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Bible
  • Art Appreciation
  • Performing Arts
  • Spanish
  • Physical Education

Nurturing Confidence and Trust

Our philosophy of relational learning means that children receive the individual attention from teachers needed to build confidence and trust. Kindergartners learn to try new things, collaborate with others, and ask questions in a safe environment. Each child is known and loved as a valuable individual in the Linfield Christian community.

Building Christ-Centered Character

Daily Bible curriculum, weekly chapel, and a variety of service opportunities give students a knowledge of Scripture, an understanding of how they fit into God’s plan, and the chance to practice caring for others. Drives for food, blankets, and shoes benefit the local community, and child sponsorships connect children with global ministries. 

Teachers model how students should interact with each other both inside and outside of the classroom, and students practice restoration if there are disagreements with others. A daily prayer time includes prayer requests and praise for answered prayers. With this foundation, students at Linfield Christian are able to grow in Christian character in order to lead and serve others. 

Read more about our core values of a relational community, college-preparatory academics, and a Christ-centered worldview.

Engaging with Parents

Teachers regularly communicate with parents, and parents are encouraged to email or message teachers through our online portal with questions or concerns.

Parents are also welcome to stay on campus for the morning pledge and announcements, attend chapel, and participate in special events and celebrations. While COVID precautions have altered some of the in-person interaction, our teachers remain committed to online and phone conversations.

In addition, our online portal allows parents to see the specific lessons children are learning so they can discuss the material at home.

The Kindergarten Day

The Linfield Christian School Kindergarten day is structured to blend age-appropriate academics with the physical activity, nourishment, and playtime that children need to thrive. This fosters increased engagement and participation. A typical day includes:

  • Circle Time with calendar activities and an English Language Arts lesson
  • Recess and snack in the Kindergarten play area
  • Math Lessons using problem-based, group learning  curriculum
  • Lunch
  • Enrichment Time

See our elementary school students engaged in learning in our photo gallery.

Extended Care and Activities

Extended Care
Extended Care is available from 7:00-7:30 a.m. and 3:00-6:00 p.m. daily, and it gives students an opportunity to play outside, work on homework, eat snacks, and enjoy games and other activities under the supervision of our nurturing Extended Care staff.

Lions Academy
Linfield Christian School recognizes that talents, skills, and abilities are often discernable at very young ages. In order to nurture those gifts, Lions Academy creates opportunities for our elementary students to explore a variety of arts, athletics, and leadership. Classes meet once or twice a week after school.

Running Club
Elementary students are able to meet each morning from October through May at the Elementary School Track. The program is designed to encourage all running levels and to instill a lifelong love of exercise and well-being.