We want to provide our families with a clear and predictable experience, so we have simplified our tuition and fees structure. Traditionally, all families have paid tuition in addition to a long list of scattered fees, billed separately throughout the school year, but for 2018-2019 we are rolling all of these into one straightforward fee. We anticipate this will make your lives easier and allow you to plan better.

Please note that we are not adding or increasing fees in any way. We are simply combining them to make things simple and predictable. There are, however, some fees that do not apply to everyone (athletics, fine arts, extended day, etc.), and those fees will still be billed separately.

Our Old System was Complicated

No More Surprises

All Linfield families are asked to pay certain fees (technology, ES/MS consumables, ES class funds, HS activities, etc.) along with tuition, but no longer will you need to figure out which ones apply to your kids, and no longer will you be caught off guard by unexpected bills scattered throughout the school year at the most inopportune moments.

Our New System is Simple

One Straight-Forward Fee

For 2018-2019, we are rolling all of the normal fees into one straightforward fee. We also have clearly outlined the optional expenses (for athletics, fine arts, extended care, etc.) up front so that you will have a clear understanding of the true cost.

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