Transitional Kindergarten

Exploring Academic Basics & Hands-On Learning

A Learning Environment

Children are natural seekers. We need only to create the environment for our students to grow and learn and then simply point the way. Consequently, the Linfield Transitional Kindergarten program provides children with the opportunity to explore and grow developmentally through hands-on experiences in which they are encouraged to delve in to academic learning through structured play, introducing them to academic basics while allowing them to finger paint, play house, and sing songs.

Challenging Young Minds

Our curriculum is tailored to challenge students to gain a deeper understanding of problem solving, phonetic awareness, and number sense. Through these experiences, our students begin the exciting process of building a foundation for learning that will stay with them for a lifetime. As we place a strong emphasis on language, listening, and communication skills, our students will strengthen existing skills and abilities while learning new ones. Transitional Kindergarten students at Linfield receive academic instruction using Kindergarten level curriculum in a nurturing environment attuned to the academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual children in the class.

A Faith Foundation

This academic instruction is rooted in our Heavenly Father who is the cornerstone in foundation for learning. As this foundation for academic success is created, it is important that we acknowledge the Creator of success. Every lesson plan, every manipulative set, every circle time, and every art project is designed with this most important goal in mind. We want our youngest students to recognize that God is the foundation upon which they can always stand.

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