The curriculum at the High School meets or exceeds entrance requirements of all major colleges and universities, including the University of California. In addition to college preparatory courses and activities, the school encourages students in the development of character and moral judgment, increasing their potential for success in the business and professional world.

Linfield Christian High School Graduation Requirements

English 4 years Science 2 years
History & Social Science 3 years Fine Arts* 1 year
Math 3 years Physical Education 2 years
Languages Other Than English 2 years Electives 3 years

*LCHS Fine Arts Academy Requires 4 years of Fine Arts

Elective Options

A number of elective options are available to students: Art, Drama, Music,  Film Appreciation, Media Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Yearbook, Physical Education, and Study Skills.

Opportunities are provided at all grade levels for participation in performing and visual arts. Students are encouraged to explore drama, musical theater, dance, choral ensembles, instrumental ensembles, worship arts, film-making, 2-D and 3-D visual media, graphic design and photography.

Online Electives: Students also have the opportunity to take a variety of electives online. These classes are offered as an eighth class and require an additional cost. Current options include the following: Art History and Criticism, Creative Photography, Critical Thinking and Study Skills, Digital Information Technology, Forensic Science, Foundations of Programming, Foundations of Web Design, Journalism, Law Studies, Leadership Skills Development, Music of the World, Personal and Family Finance, Psychology I, Social Media I, Sociology, User Interface Design, and World Religions.

Dual Enrollment Classes: We also currently offer two Dual Enrollment courses – General Psychology and Introduction to Sociology. Students may take these classes as part of their Linfield academic coursework while simultaneously earning college credit.

Students who have completed the appropriate prerequisites and have the recommendation of the faculty may enroll in Honors and Advanced Placement courses. Enrollment in advanced courses is selective and is not available to all students.

Advanced Placement Program

College-Board-Logo-300x182In conjunction with its rigorous academic college-preparatory program, Linfield Christian High School offers numerous Advanced Placement courses. As college admissions acceptance becomes increasingly competitive, the demand for courses that help students achieve a high level of academic success is increasing as well. To meet this need, we offer Advanced Placement courses in all of the major disciplines: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Foreign Languages, and Fine Arts.

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Linfield Christian High School Advanced Placement and Honors Weighted Courses

AP Biology AP English Literature AP Studio Art
AP Calculus AB AP European History AP US History
AP Calculus BC AP Government AP Statistics
AP Chemistry AP Physics Honors Advanced Math
AP English Language AP Spanish

We also offer eight online AP courses as part of the high school curriculum. These classes are offered as an eighth class and require an additional cost:

AP Art History AP Microeconomics
AP Computer Science AP Psychology
AP Environmental Science  AP Statistics
AP Human Geography
AP Macroeconomics
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An integral component of the High School’s college preparatory program includes opportunities for student participation in standardized testing. Our standardized testing strategy includes practice tests for both the ACT and the SAT. Students complete the ASPIRE test in ninth grade and the PSAT test in tenth and eleventh grades. In addition, Linfield Christian High School hosts multiple SAT and ACT test dates throughout the year.

Biblical Focus

Our Bible program exists to equip students to reflect Christ in their circles of influence long after they graduate from Linfield Christian School. Courses are intentionally aligned to speak to students’ hearts and to meet their individual spiritual needs while teaching them how to study, interpret, apply, and communicate the Word of God as part of a growing relationship with Christ. The scope and sequence is designed to root and establish students in their faith. Students learn what it means to walk in a manner pleasing to the Lord; they are encouraged to grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding; they are taught to identify and apply a Christ-centered Theistic worldview, and they are equipped with the skills they need to articulate and apply their faith outside the classroom.

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