Jon-Andrew Auger-Andrews

Jon-Andrew Auger-Andrews


After graduating from Linfield in 2015, Jon-Andrew attended Pepperdine University in Malibu where he played club soccer and tennis, studied abroad in Switzerland, and served on the Pepperdine Ambassadors Council. He also completed an athletic training internship and ultimately graduated with a Sports Medicine degree in 2019. He currently works at a physical therapy clinic in Thousand Oaks while he studies for the GRE and prepares for graduate school, all while training for a half marathon in Paris, France, attending Vintage Church in Santa Monica, and playing as much spikeball as he can.

When he thinks back on his years at Linfield, Jon-Andrew is most grateful for the community of faith that surrounded him. He remembers, “After Winter Mountain my freshman year, I was invited to attend a Bible study with a small group of other Linfield students. At this point, I was just budding in my relationship with Christ, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to dive deeper into it. The first night was incredible. I have never experienced a community like that, a place where we could be open with one another about our walk with the Lord and just be together. In tragedy and in celebration, this Bible study grounded me during my time at Linfield, and it was in this group where the deepest friendships of my life were formed.”

On a larger scale, Linfield was foundational in my pursuit for a stellar education that was not confined to the walls of a classroom. The expectation when you attend a school is that you simply learn facts and figures, and while a fair amount of that is true, at Linfield, I was pushed to learn more about how to be a well-rounded individual and how to acquire a sense of balance.

Jon-Andrew Auger-AndrewsLinfield Class of 2015

Jon-Andrew also recognizes the ways in which Linfield challenged him to grow and mature in all aspects of his life. He says, “I was a part of student government, two varsity sports, and various clubs, all while tackling the academic challenges set before me. To say that I was stretched thin was an understatement. However, I acquired the maturity and the necessary skills to maintain my standards, to excel, and to find equilibrium. This would not have been possible without the most important aspect of the school, the educators and staff. They were our greatest advocates and pushed us to fully realize our potential in and out of the classroom. Whenever you needed help, whether it be academic, personal, or a matter of faith, there was no shortage of assistance and a safe place to feel at home, even when you were away from home.”

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