Randy Keefe


During his years at Linfield, Randy was known for his leadership skills and his heart for serving others. In fact, long before he became ASB president, he was often referred to as “Mr. President” around campus, so it is perhaps no surprise that he went on to study political science at Hillsdale College after graduating from Linfield in 2012. Upon receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Political Economy in 2016, Randy moved to Washington D.C. and began work at the Council for National Policy, a job he has held for the last four years. He also works with the Conservative Action Project (part of CNP) and serves on the hospitality and production teams at National Community Church. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, cooking, and serving on the Hillsdale Alumni Board.

Randy’s favorite Linfield memories surround Homecoming Week. For ASB members, it was always one of the busiest weeks of the year, but he loved being a part of the planning of the Great Race and watching everyone come together to compete and enjoy themselves. “It took quite a bit of work,” he remembers, “But it was the perfect example of how we can be diligent and serious in our pursuits but still have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.” Randy is most grateful for the relationships he developed at Linfield (ones that continue to this day) because of how they helped to shape the person he has become.

Randy Keefe

Linfield prepared me well for both college and my career because there was a focus on developing students as a whole person - academically, spiritually, and relationally. Education was informed by faith and Biblical truth, and faith was explored with the same level of academic rigor in order to gain authentic faith, knowledge, and wisdom.

Randy KeefeLinfield Class of 2012

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