Shan Mandrayar


Following his graduation from Linfield in 2009, Shan attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland where he learned the basics of military service and completed a four year Bachelor of Science program. Upon completion he commissioned as a Marine Second Lieutenant and then attended the Army Airborne Course, Marine Basic School, and Infantry Officer’s Course, all of which prepared him to lead and tactically employ a platoon of Infantry Marines. In the last five years, Shan has deployed three times in support of operations around the world, and he currently serves as a Captain in the Marine Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team (FAST) where he continues to train and deploy with Infantry platoons. He loves his job and is so thankful for the opportunities he has had to serve our country and his fellow Marines. Even with all of his success, Shan is incredibly humble and profoundly grateful, particularly for the financial sacrifices his parents made in order to invest in his education and send him to Linfield. He recognizes that his teachers and friends had a tremendous impact on him and directly contributed to making him into the person he is today.

Shan Mandrayar

I have nothing but fond memories of my time at Linfield! Playing on the football team, giving Miss Blades trouble, and worshipping at Winter Mountain were all equally enjoyable pursuits, but most importantly, I love how the selfless, service-oriented spirit that our faith calls for is alive and well in that institution. The Christian values espoused at Linfield and infused in its faculty were vital in my character development and have been influential throughout my life. As a leader of Marines I am constantly challenged by issues that require moral discernment; my foundation, built by a belief in God and honed at Linfield Christian School, are a constant comfort to me in dark times and austere places.

Shan MandrayarLinfield Class of 2009

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