Tim Switzer


After graduating from Linfield in 2014, Tim attended Anderson University in South Carolina and completed a degree in Secondary Social Studies Education. He is currently finishing graduate school at Clemson University and working as a graduate assistant for the Rutland Institute for Ethics, and he will soon hold a Master of Education & Education Specialist degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Tim and his wife, Morgan (an elementary school music education teacher), met in college and are involved in their local church, and when Tim isn’t writing papers, he loves to hunt and fish. Tim is grateful for the opportunity to mentor undergraduate students and to live out his faith as an ambassador for Christ in such a large, public university, and he credits Linfield for teaching him what it means to cultivate deep relationships. He’s grateful for all the life-long relationships he built with his teachers and particularly remembers spending morning, lunches, and free time hanging out in Miss Young’s classroom.

Tim Switzer

I'm pretty embarrassed to think about who I was in high school, but I'm extremely grateful that my teachers never gave up on me even when I was being an annoying punk. It is scary to think about who I would be if I had not gone to Linfield. A lot of students don't understand just how incredible of an opportunity it is to go to school and have teachers who truly care about your well-being. There's a certain depth there that other places simply don't have, and I just remember having some of the deepest conversations I've ever had with my teachers and friends. To this day, I still haven't found another place like Linfield where depth, sincerity, and intentionality are so common. I actually wish I could go back to high school for a day and enjoy all of the little things that make Linfield so unique!

Tim SwitzerLinfield Class of 2014

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