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A quality Christian education is an invaluable gift, one that sets students on a trajectory for a life of purpose and excellence. At Linfield Christian School, our goal is to keep the cost of this education as low as possible in order to make it accessible and affordable. We also offer a financial aid program to assist families in making the Linfield experience possible.

Cost Breakdown

2021-2022 Tuition & Fees

Tuition includes lab fees, class fees, and textbooks  for all grades (MS: English novels are not included. HS: AP textbooks, some course workbooks, and English novels are not included).
School fees cover technology, on campus activities, and Winter Mountain Retreat (High School only).
Additional costs may vary by student choice.
Optional & Retreat Costs

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We want every qualified and mission-appropriate student to have an opportunity to experience Linfield, but we know that the investment in a Christian school education can be financially challenging for many families. We are pleased to offer tuition assistance for Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 12 on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Applications need to be submitted annually through FACTS Grant and Aid, but Linfield’s Financial Aid program is available to both current students as well as new students in the application process.

*Please Note: Waiting pools apply at most grade levels, so please call 951-676-8111 before submitting an application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section provides answers to some of the most commonly asked tuition & financial aid questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us so that we can help get you the information you need. You can fill out this form or contact Linfield’s Admissions Office at or 951-676-8111 ext. 1400.

What is included in tuition?

Tuition includes lab fees, class fees, and textbooks (AP textbooks/workbooks and MS/HS English novels are not included).

What do school fees cover?

School fees cover technology, on campus activities, and Winter Mountain Retreat (high school only).

Will there be any additional costs?

There might be additional costs depending on a student’s choice and academic path.

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Does Linfield offer tuition assistance?

Yes, we want to provide opportunities for all families to afford a Linfield education for their children, and we utilize a third-party company, FACTS Grant & Aid to facilitate the financial aid process. Families need to apply each year, and there is a $35 processing fee (payable to FACTS). Families who apply between November 1, 2020 and January 6, 2021 will receive a response no later than February 14; applications received after January 6, 2021 will be considered beginning March 9, 2021.

Full Financial Aid Policies and Procedures

Do you have sibling/pastor discounts?

Linfield does not offer sibling, pastor, or military discounts. However, when applying for FACTS Grant & Aid, those factors are considered when determining the financial aid award.

What is Continuous Enrollment and how does it work?

Continuous Enrollment is a process by which every student remains enrolled at Linfield Christian School until they graduate unless the family chooses to withdraw mid-year or opt- out for the following school year. Barring any academic, conduct, or financial issues, each student’s enrollment renews automatically every year, and a continuous enrollment reservation fee is billed each year in February and due in March. Families must submit an “Intent to Withdraw” (opt- out) form in order not to be charged with this fee on their FACTS Account.

How do we opt-out of Continuous Enrollment?

In order to opt-out for the following school year, please email The Admissions Office will send a link to the online “Intent to Withdraw” (opt out) form, which must be submitted prior to the opt-out deadline to avoid a bill for continuous enrollment. Please also review the withdrawal policy if you are considering opting out for the next school year.

What is Linfield’s withdrawal policy?

Opt-out, withdrawal, or dismissals of students will be processed based on the following tuition obligation regulations:

  • Opt out by February 20th: Full release from contract and tuition obligation. No continuous enrollment fee will be charged.
  • Withdrawal between February 21 and the end of the school year: Full release from contract and tuition obligation. Continuous enrollment fee is forfeited.
  • Withdrawal between the end of the school year and July 31st: 25% of annual tuition obligation and forfeiture of continuous enrollment fee.
  • Withdrawal between August 1 and the end of the first quarter: 50% of tuition obligation and forfeiture of continuous enrollment fees.
  • Withdrawal after the first quarter: After the first quarter, parents are obligated to pay the full annual tuition charge and are not entitled to a refund, credit, or to any other adjustment or reduction in tuition and fees regardless of a student’s absence, withdrawal, or dismissal from Linfield.

For more information regarding opt-out or withdrawal processes, please email

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